2000 May 11 – Green Bay, Wisconsin


Mark Chmura, one of the leading tight ends in the NFL, discovers that his wife will be away for the weekend and decides to host a party at his house for the family’s babysitter and a group of her friends.   After a few gallons of liquor are consumed, Chmura finds himself in his hottub with the 17 years old babysitter and her friends and one thing leads to another and well  . . . . .


Conflicting stories surround the remainder of the evenings activities, but involve some combination of Chmura running around the house soaking wet in his underwear, his babysitter smiling and licking her lips as she enters the bathroom where Chmura is changing, and the babysitter’s friends eventually beating on the bathroom door attempting to get in.


What truly happened, only a few people know, but the unnamed babysitter presses charges and Chmura is brought up on charges of indecent liberties with a minor, sexual assault and so forth. 


Eventually, Chmura is brought to trial.  On February 3, 2001, his lawyer manages to get him acquitted.   The accusations bring his NFL career to a close, however, with the Packers releasing him and drafting Bubba Franks a few months after the allegations break. 

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  Chmura in this uniform was a          Chmura in this uniform was a             Chmura pictured with his babysitter’s friend Molly Lese, who         The district attorney who prosecuted the case is somewhat

  leading target for Brett Favre         leading story on CourtTV for             testified about the infamous evening during Chmura’s trial.            disappointed as the “impartial” jury pool drawn from local

  during the ’98 and ’99 seasons       quite a while in 2000 and early ‘01    This photo was taken the night of the party at Chmura’s house.     Green Bay residents is led into the courtroom.










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Here, the babysitter re-enacts the                  Prosecuting attorney Doyle asks a witness if she                     Against the advice of his own attorney, Chmura plays        “But she was really hot!”  Chmura

events of the evening for the jury. The           recognizes Chmura’s underwear during the witness                a game of “smell my finger” with himself outside the            blurts out to his lawyer, hoping the

Judge in the case does not allow the              questioning phase of the trial.                                                    courtroom during a break in the trial.                                      the jury will be understanding.

courtroom photographers to snap

photos of Chmura’s babysitter that

reveal her face, given that she is a

minor.   The photographers don’t seem

to mind the restriction.




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